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The Village Hall is available to book

Monday to Sunday 9am until 11pm

Main Hall

 This is 13.1m x 9.1m with a raised stage at one end.

There is a PA system, a hearing loop system and a full screen for projection, use of the kitchen is included in the hire.

For those hirers wishing to use a Bouncy Castle in the Main Hall, the height of the ceiling is 11 feet 6 inches (3.5 metres)

and the panels slope down to 9 feet 2 inches (2.7 metres).The flat part in the centre is 11 feet (3.3 metres) wide.


 The Kitchen has a large oven, a warming cabinet and an industrial high speed dishwasher.


WiFi is available throughout the hall but you will need to obtain an access code from the Lettings Secretary.


Due to the licensing laws, we do not allow you to run a bar where any form of payment is involved.

If you want to run a bar then you will have to contact the Lettings Secretary in the first instance.

Guidelines for maximum number of persons that can safely occupy Naphill Village’s main hall


These guidelines are to help you use the hall comfortably and safely. Every user should carry out their own risk assessment based on how they intend to use the hall taking into consideration any special mobility and/or impairments needs of those attending the event and make their own decision on maximum hall capacity.


Consideration should also be given to the width and number of gangways. Gangways should be at least 1.05m wide and not less than the width of the fire exit doors. Standing or seating in gangways or in front of fire exit doors should not be permitted.


Seated with tables event e.g., Quiz nights, wedding parties, exhibitions The maximum number of persons that can be accommodate seated will be dependent on how the tables are configured. Using the recommended 1.5m sq per person gives a capacity of 80. Using 16 long tables with 6 people per table the hall has successfully accommodated 96 people.

The recommended maximum number of persons for a seated event using long tables is 96



n general, no seat should be more than 7 seats widths away from a gangway. Using the recommended 1m sq per person for non-fixed seats gives a capacity of 238. 

The hall has 120 non fixed seats.



Using the recommended 0.3m sq-0.5m sq per person gives a capacity between 238 to 397. The upper figure assumes everyone is standing and no tables are used which is unlikely.

The hall has successfully accommodated around 300 using the chairs available with the reminder of the people standing.


Consideration has to be given to the time it takes to evacuate the hall. The recommendation is that you discard the widest fire exit. The hall has 3 double fire exits and 1 single fire exit. The structure needs to be evacuated in 2.5 minutes. The rate for 2 double fire exits and 1 single fire exit is 200 persons per minute, more than adequate for the maximum hall capacity.


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